Welcome to The Balance Procedure created by Jenny & Alan Cox

Welcome to The Balance Procedure created by Jenny & Alan Cox

We create our reality through thought and imagination – BALANCE is the KEY.
Our reality is an outer reflection of our inner thoughts.The Balance Procedure (TBP) is a unique energy technique, a tool, which is easy to learn and simple to use. The purpose of TBP is to reconnect with our deepest spiritual source learning to live in the PRESENT in accordance with our own sense of inner truth. Our spirit is the creative energy of the universe, it moves through us to manifest in the world; the medium which our spirit moves on earth is our physical body our mind and our personality. With the use of TBP and practice, we learn to follow our inner guidance, leading to practical ways to transform limitations and expand creativity in all areas of our lives; relationships, health, dreams, wealth and spiritual development. I believe it is only through this type of individual personal commitment to a life of integrity and BALANCE that we can transform our world.
For Centuries its been widely recognised to be in BALANCE with all aspects of your life is the best way to experience emotional and physical well being. Using the The Balance Procedure is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish this state. The Balance Procedure is an exciting, new way of transforming any emotional patterns you may have learnt and are still playing on an unconscious level … THE ONLY TIME IS NOW…
The Balance Procedure is an energy technique that does not require an understanding of theory or precise disciplines but is learnt through practice. Knowing how it works is not as important as doing it. Rather than using the rational, intellectual level of consciousness, it requires the development of flexibility and expansion of consciousness. It is not the procedure itself that bring about the results, it is merely a catalysts, it is the life force working inside each person that brings about the transformation.There are five ways to learn being in BALANCE using The Balance Procedure


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Most of our trainers and practitioners also give demonstrations and talks to local groups, schools and colleges.

Please email me if you need further information info@thebalanceprocedure.com or call +447788990947